The Liberatory Leadership Lab is a full body immersion into the redefinition of the Leadership space; an embodied and Audacious Leadership in which we position ourselves as the architects and creators of our own Path, integrating our own Value systems, Identities and Frameworks into the way we lead, in our careers and in our lives.

An entirely new philosophy to how we show up in our leadership & in the world.

This 6-month program is an all-in-one approach to


It is a thorough compilation of my liberatory frameworks, decolonized leadership models, and healing justice practice

Have you been wanting to make a radical shift in your own leadership, at your organization or business?

Have you been feeling the call to pivot and make a sharp turn in a different direction? Do you have an overwhelming feeling that what you are doing now is simply not working anymore, or perhaps never really did? Are you tired of the constrictive spaces that don’t allow for your creativity to shine through? If so, you are not alone.

This is common among many of the leaders I talk to. They not only struggle to find the expansion and capacity in their bodies necessary to take a leap into new endeavors but they also struggle with deepening into their own vision.

Discovering your unique Vision requires unearthing your own, truest Liberatory Leadership Voice and Power. When I work with clients I find that many of them are already inherent liberatory thinkers and visionaries but they struggle bringing their Visions to Life.

This is because you have been expected to lead through a lens that was never your own & your body & soul craves a return to the fullest expression of your Self.

Can you imagine a Leadership in which you get to move at the beat of your own drum? One in which there is genuine connection & reciprocity & where you feel an emotional safety within yourself & among others?

There is a reorganization of power & structures happening at this moment. A shift away from the old top-down, archaic, patriarchal traditional style of leadership to a more Conscious & Liberatory Leadership.

Can you feel it? It is everywhere.

It is a reorganization of priorities, of the things we value, of the way we relate to ourselves and one another. Do you find yourself wanting to live a richer, fuller life? To be a part of the change and truly make an impact? Do you find yourself having a strong desire - a calling - to be a part of this cultural shift?

There is no coincidence that you are feeling this way. That you have a deep longing to step up and lead differently, more courageously and compassionately.

A Leadership that is in service of justice, love, and equity for all humans; one that disrupts oppressive systems and supports our collective healing.

It is time to be the Revolutionary Leaders & Visionaries you were meant to be. It is time you take your rightful place.

Have you asked yourself what your role is in this

Cultural Revolution?

The Liberatory Leadership Lab is designed exclusively for those leaders who have felt a call to lead differently. Leaders and entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to revolutionize the leadership space & lead with their whole hearts, creating their own paths & helping usher others along the way.

The Lab is designed for audacious leaders who are tired of being constrained by conventional leadership models and reject traditional hierarchical forms of Leadership. Those who want to dream into a New Vision and who want to be a part of the Cadre of Leaders who help shape a new Path for themselves & others.

This is for the Culture Shapers and Way Showers, those who are tired of the old structures of leadership and long to be a part of the Revolution that helps bring forth & lead the way for other Ushers, Guides, and Leaders.

A Sacred Path of Love and Audacious Power.

We need the bold, Courageous Visionaries who see what others cannot yet see…

Those who have the Audacity to steer us into a different path. The Audacity to untangle ourselves from the system's grip. The Audacity to pivot and redefine our Leadership. The Audacity to create. To dream up new spaces, new collaborations, new endeavors and new leadership models.

The Audacity to Redefine, Reenvision & Regenerate. 🌱

What should I expect in this Lab?

The Liberatory Leadership Lab is an experiential, interactive, hands on approach to learning and leading. Its unique feature is that it acts as a “laboratory” in which we allow for trial and error, allowing you to test new ideas, concepts and designs with me and with each other. This approach allows us to flow at our own pace, not restricted to specific parameters or external limitations. The time in the Leadership Lab is YOURS to co-create and bring your unique heart-born visions to life.

If you are already working on developing a project, program or offering you are encouraged to bring them into the Lab & workshop them with the cohort on “Lab Days.” There are 6 specific “2-hour Lab Days” dedicated to this. (See curriculum below) However, the entire program will be an idea-generating/creativity inducing container designed to support you through this process.

Alternatively, if you have something on your heart that you haven’t allowed yourself to truly dream into but you’ve been really wanting to speak it into existence – this is the place to do it!

Program’s Guarantee

Whatever it is you are grappling with, whether it is a full career pivot, an entry into higher Leadership, a complete reorganization of your life & business, or you simply want to get really serious about integrating Liberatory Leadership Practices into your current role and life – this program guarantees that you will gain the clarity & focus to develop your own Liberatory Values Based Framework & unique Leadership Identity, allowing you to operationalize your Liberatory Values into tangible actions and practices at your organization or in your business.

Is this a safe space?

Safety is not something that can ever be guaranteed by the facilitator in spite of how skilled they are. In my own liberatory practice, I help my students think through and feel into the necessary conditions so that they can co-create safety with each other. This has to do with my own unique method of “curating a space” which is part of what I will teach and how I lead & facilitate any group.

What is your approach to facilitation?

I am very intentional in my facilitation style and have received dozens of compliments and praise in how I hold space. I skillfully apply an anti-oppressive and healing justice approach as we move through theory, frameworks and exercises. The Lab is designed to allow individuals to feel at ease, comfortable, and empowered as their own decision makers with self autonomy and inherent power.

The Lab will emphasize creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking, rather than having a prescriptive approach. I will not teach you my own framework but rather, guide you to create your own. You will have the ability to develop your own unique Value System, unique Vision and most importantly - your WHY!

You will have the opportunity to socialize your unique ideas with your cohort while also receiving direct coaching from me.

The Lab’s Core Pillars:

This Lab will be infused with these four pillars, they will be core to all of the teachings, discussions and exercises throughout our 6 months together.

Identity Consciousness

Being able to lead from the fullest expression of our identities is critical to Liberatory work, it informs all areas of your life not only your leadership. Having the ability to go inward, to self explore and to understand oneself in the context of our environments is key to a liberation-focused leadership

Somatic Awareness

Developing an awareness of the energetic connection with Self & others while supporting your nervous system & learning to self regulate is essential in this work. The Lab will emphasize somatic practices and embodied leadership, inviting participants to practice these in real time.

Decolonized Leadership

Unlearning old archaic top-down leadership models that many of us grew up with is vital–we need to be able to intentionally replace them with decolonized leadership models & frameworks that you can use in your own leadership today.

Systems Thinking

Liberatory Leadership requires that we see ourselves as parts of an ecosystem. Systems thinking helps us look at the entire organism and not solely at the individual when we engage in values setting, visioning & decision-making processes.

Why this program? And why now?

We are going through a Cultural Revolution now & we desperately need Liberatory Leaders ready to lead & usher others through an audacious path of love & courage!

Society has conditioned us to act out certain roles and wear certain hats in service of external outcomes but these hats we’ve worn haven’t always been in service of our own goals and visions.

As a result, many Leaders work their entire lives to conquer these achievements, to go to school, get the good job, land that career, get that next promotion, etc. However, after checking off all of this off the list a lot of leaders are left feeling exhausted and empty, questioning why they are not happy, why something is still missing.

Many clients share with me that they…

Have a hard time discerning between their own needs & wants and what is being asked of them.

Don’t feel like they have the ability to use their voice confidently

Struggle with navigating power dynamics

Feel disconnected from their bodies

Can’t seem to slow down & don’t know how to pivot

We have been expected to compartmentalize ourselves so that we could fulfill the assigned roles, creating neatly organized yet constrictive structures meant to deliver on someone else’s vision.

Unfortunately, this has stifled our creativity and inner drive, often to the point of dimming down our own light… our own vision.

It is no surprise that many Leaders feel disconnected from their bodies and from who they inherently are. Thus, obscuring their own dreams and goals.

We do not have to stay stifled in a kind of leadership that we are no longer happy with. In a way of leading that has exhausted our soul and body, a leadership that no longer feels true to who we are, or perhaps never did. We have the ability to detach from the ways we’ve been taught to lead & instead build our unique leadership path.

An “Audacious Leadership Path.”

Leaders who are attracted to my work are often Leaders who already have a very Potent & Vibrant Vision – one that is already in your hearts but often requires calm & clarity; a safe and encouraging space to truly unearth it, to cultivate it and allow it to unfold and flourish.

Leaders who hold their visions in their hearts are often Natural Leaders, they FEEL deeply and LOVE deeply.

The core mission of The Liberatory Leadership Lab is to help you – the Audacious, Courageous, Liberatory Leader reclaim your unique leadership identity, to bring you into a more liberating, freeing leadership in which you can lead through the fullest expression of yourself.

About Your Facilitator

Hi, I’m Cristina! A liberation & leadership coach, consultant and facilitator dedicated to helping you redefine your Leadership Identity & be able to lead with ease, power & conviction.

I believe that our stories need to be elevated in all corners of society and that the key to reclaiming all parts of who we are is by leading with our own unique voices and staying rooted in the richness of our multidimensional identities and cultures.

In 2018 I began speaking about this on my social media and at various events in Los Angeles and Chicago, and soon I began to be hired for public speaking engagements. This is what gave me the confidence and inspiration to keep growing and developing myself as a leader, soon realizing that I was serving in the capacity of Leadership Coach. It was a gift bestowed upon me, one that I grew into and gladly accepted.

Today, this dream has fully blossomed into Liberation Leadership, a coaching and consulting practice helping Leaders and Entrepreneurs from across the U.S. I am honored to serve so many amazing souls wanting to transform their lives and the lives of others by stepping fully into the Visionary Leaders they have always been.

The Liberatory Leadership Lab is a “Lab” because it needs to be a place where we are allowed to experiment—

Where we are allowed to be a “work in progress” and where things don’t need to feel finite, but rather have the ability to expand and contract as we move through the material and work together. Where we can try it on and take it off.

When I say this will be an experiential program, I mean it! You will have the opportunity to bring your current projects to the “lab” & experiment with them, among others, in real time! 😍

How will this program help me?

The program is designed to support you not only in your leadership journey and professional life, but also very importantly – its multi-layered & anti-oppression approach is a full body immersion that will support you somatically, emotionally and psychologically as we move through the material.

Through the practical, hands-on material, you will:

  • Learn to apply Liberatory practices confidently in your own work
  • Integrate decolonial models of leadership within yourself & in your work
  • Adapt your facilitation skills to a more relaxed style that invites connection
  • Skillfully set the tone in a room through your own unique “curation process”
  • Graciously invite others into Collective Leadership Practices
  • Create anti-oppressive practices within your own organization or business

Personally, you will also:

  • Fully claim your inherent Power
  • Cultivate your Voice & actually use it
  • Create Emotional Safety in yourself and in others
  • Learn to regulate your own nervous system, self soothe & find inner peace
  • Lead with purpose & intention
  • Learn to slow down in the body, adapting a new way of Being
  • Define your needs, wants, and priorities & firmly ask for what you need
  • Overcome internalized oppression

If you have a specific question about whether this program is for you, please feel free to email me or send me a DM via Instagram.

Who is this program for?

While this program centers the lived experiences of People of the Global Majority, it is open to all bodies and identities, sexual orientations and gender identities. Liberatory work is for all people who want to create real transformative change in the leadership space and are willing to be the Way Showers that help usher others through this often murky and uncertain path.

This program for:

  • Leaders at non-profit organizations & institutions
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Coaches, Educators, Consultants & Facilitators
  • Private Practice Practitioners
  • Other Leaders who manage staff & programs

This program is NOT for individuals who:

  • Subscribe to a patriarchal top-down leadership structure & are okay with it
  • Do not like to be challenged in their worldview & belief system
  • Are uncomfortable with group work & sharing among others
  • Need deeper trauma healing therapy work

Great candidates for this program:

  • High achievers who have historically over delivered
  • Introspective, intentional folks
  • Intellectual types who operate from their brain but have trouble leading with their heart
  • Folks who have experienced burnout, want to heal & lead differently
  • Folks who want to redefine their leadership & be able to lead with more ease
  • Mid-senior leaders looking to position themselves more strategically
  • Senior leaders who have a desire to transform their organizations or businesses
  • Folks at a crossroads between career moves
  • Folks up for a promotion who want to enhance their Leadership skills

What is the curriculum of this program?

Personal Liberation work is all about the integration process. Liberatory Leadership is the same way. It is a learned and embodied behavior. I.e. It is absorbed through the body, creating muscle memory—this is *the* part that allows you to move differently through the world.

Opening Ceremony

(date to be determined by the group)

A special opening ceremony to help us set intentions for the program & what each of you would like to get out of it, get to know each other and your unique stories, share why you are here, and celebrate your collective commitment to yourselves and Collective Liberation.

MONTHS 1 & 2:

THE SELF/ Your Unique Leadership Identity

Interrogating the Sovereign Self & Unlearning Old Leadership

  • Self reflection & self awareness work
  • Unpacking internalized fears, doubts & insecurities
  • Racial identity within a radical consciousness praxis
  • Deconstructing power, privilege & oppression within us
  • Inherent leadership skills & natural talents versus acquired skills
  • Understanding your own leadership values & identifying your unique Value System

The Role of the Body in Leadership

  • Releasing rigidity for the “A” types & practicing authority for the “quiet” types
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (empathy, connection & self awareness)
  • Modeling agency and authority in your everyday life
  • Nervous system regulation & self coaching

Cultivating Emotional Safety & Capacity

  • If we are bodies in which safety can exist then we can also become the vehicles that help generate/foster the necessary conditions to invite others into safety as well. We singlehandedly cannot deliver safety for others but we can energetically transmit safety, encouraging others to lay down their own protective layers to prepare for a deeper connection.

MONTHS 3 & 4:

THE INTERPERSONAL/ A Collectivized Approach to Leadership

Building Conscious & Reciprocal Relationships

  • Building Conscious Relationships based on trust, mutual respect & reciprocity requires intentionality as well as some discomfort. It invites us to lay down our masks & make room for connection and vulnerability; to open up spaces of genuine care and growth.

The Energetics of Leadership

  • Too much of what we see surrounding leadership is focused on strategy, outcomes or technical training & almost zero on the relational aspect of leadership. In this session you will learn about the ways our energetic bodies interact with each other & the charge we carry that comes with us into every single room, often impacting the entire interaction of a space. You will learn to curate your spaces in ways that invite the desired outcomes through a harmonious & participatory approach.

Interpersonal Power Dynamics / Power imbalance

  • There are inherent power dynamics which often create tensions at businesses and organizations that never gets talked about, much less addressed and resolved. How do we get comfortable with the discomfort in addressing these? Are you a leader who sees this but doesn’t know how to address it?

The Passivity of Whiteness in Leadership

  • Whiteness is an insidious system of power and supremacy in which we’ve all been indoctrinated into. This session will break down the ways whiteness is upheld while causing harm. Distinctions will be made to how whiteness impacts BIPOC and non-BIPOC.

MONTHS 5 & 6:

THE SYSTEM/ A systems thinking approach to Leadership &

The Implementation Process

Creating your own Leadership Experience & Ecosystem

It is possible to create your own ecosystem within the system at large. In these last few sessions you will apply all the tools you’ve learned over the course of the past few months to prepare your unique leadership identity, values, frameworks & overall curated ecosystem.

  • The Art of Conscious Facilitation
  • The Implementation Process
  • Proof of Concept
  • From Theory to Practice
  • Managing people VS Leading people

Gaining the necessary evidence for your unique program design, approach and structure is key to any successful project or program implementation and delivery. We will delve into a hands-on approach to workshopping through these sessions. In this space you will be able to bring your own projects and work through them in real time, getting coaching from me and peer review from your fellow participants.

In these last few weeks, we will delve into the many scenarios & examples of the many ways Leadership happens in your own life and role. Whether you are a new coach/therapist, program manager, or a senior leader in charge of several teams, the approach is similar -- it must include a slower, more intentional approach to how we connect with people, how we truly ground into our own energetics and how we transform our own approach & language in the practice, not just in theory.

In this section, we will discuss the tangible elements of this work, drawing on the prior learnings, your own self discoveries and the newer revelations that have come to you through this process.

You will learn to integrate and implement these pieces in a tangible way through:

  • Lab Work: It is exactly what it sounds like. Let's look at your own practices, programs and offers and see what you want to reorganize & shift, what you might want to test & probe or need more drafts of! This is the place for it!

  • Peer Learning: Liberatory work requires that we trust ourselves & our peers to play a supportive role. Often leaders don't always ask for help. Here we will break up into pairs, share your projects or challenges with each other & engage in peer learning so that we learn to trust the collaborative peer learning process.

  • Spot Coaching (15-min individual coaching): In this format, participants will self select for 15-min. spot coaching with me in front of their cohort & community. Doing this in a group setting, allows us to overcome fears & help us grow into our conviction.

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions: You have 3 1-hour sessions as a part of this program. You may use these as you like, but I encourage you to leave one for these last two months. I will provide individualized private coaching on whatever project or challenge you are working through.

Closing Ceremony

A date will be chosen to hold a special closing ceremony where you will celebrate yourselves and each other, highlighting individual gains and accomplishments. Per your discretion, this celebratory gathering will be opened to loved ones & supportive peers, family, pets, etc.

What’s included in the program?

  • 18 LIVE weekly 2-hr. Teaching/discussion sessions
  • 6 LIVE monthly Interactive 2-hour Peer Learning Labs
  • In-group Participant Spot Coaching throughout the 6 months
  • 3 - 1:1 Private Coaching sessions with Cristina (valued at $900)
  • 1 Opening Ceremony Gathering
  • 1 Closing Ceremony Gathering
  • A supportive online community via private platform
  • Somatic practices & body regulation exercises throughout the 6 months
  • Journaling Prompts & PDF handouts

When does the program take place?

The start date will be determined by the final cohort that is enrolled into the program. It will likely begin at the end of April or early May.

What is the pricing?

This program offers a sliding scale structure with 3 different price points. There are a total of 12 slots open in the 2024 Liberatory Leadership Lab Spring Cohort.

The sliding scale is a tool that allows for a service to be offered at various entry points based on the economic circumstances of the participant.

Tier 1 = 4 slots @


The highest price point reflects the true cost of the program. This price point is designed for participants who have no current impediment to their income, who hold economic privilege & power, and paying at full rate would not cause disruption to their economic circumstances.

Tier 2 = 4 slots @


The middle price point reflects an acknowledgement that paying the higher price would prevent them from attending & takes into consideration their economic circumstance which may be somewhat limited while still allowing them enough financial stability.

Tier 3 = 4 slots @


The lower price point reflects an acknowledgement that paying the higher price point would prevent the participant from attending & is designed for individuals who can benefit from the savings while also making slight budget changes of their own to participate.

Paid in full purchases are much appreciated as this is my sole income and livelihood. However, there are 6-month Payment Plans available for each price tier if needed.

This program is non-refundable. Please make sure that this is a full Body YES and that you are wholly committed to this investment in yourself and your leadership growth journey!

If you have any questions and/or would like to hear more about the program directly, please schedule a consultation via my calendar, just click here.

For organizational teams and group pricing of more than 3, please email me directly at

I am ready to join!

If you are a full body YES & are ready to grab a slot & pay, please also be sure to fill out this short program intake form. This is not a selection process per say, but it is a way to ensure that all participants' goals and expectations adequately reflect the material that will be covered in the program and that in turn, each participant is a good fit for the program’s mission & goals.