It’s time to finally unravel in a safe space where you can transform and evolve.

Leaders also have blind spots when it comes to how to advocate for their teams. Often we are too busy advocating for our services and programs that we forgot to advocate for some of the most important folks— the ones who carry out this important work day in & day out.

Are your staff asking you to listen to them?

Are you really listening?

Are they bringing up tough issues to you & you are unsure how to proceed?

This may be due to sensitive interpersonal dynamics playing out at the organization or business. Or this can be due to areas that you aren’t always well versed with understanding.

I’d love to be your guide in helping you maneuver some of these often tricky situations. There is always a way to bring a resolution to folks. But it often requires external support from a skilled facilitator who can navigate these dynamics.

Choose your path

1:1 Individual Coaching

I support individuals and organizational teams to define and strengthen their leadership identity, developing their unique voice of authority & grounding into a more relaxed & embodied presence so they can show up in life & in leadership with more power and conviction. I use a holistic liberatory approach that looks at the whole person; integrating identity work, body regulation & practical tools as I help you cultivate capacity & ease in the body.

Team Coaching & Training

I offer team coaching & training staff on conscious & liberatory leadership practices; facilitating liberation and healing conversations among your teams; and integrating these new frameworks within your organization/business. I also support you in developing an anti-oppressive, trauma informed & liberatory facilitation approach, providing team coaching; and helping you identify and realign unbalanced power at your organization or business.

Organization/ Business


I support organization & businesses on organizational & leadership development and culture shifting, offering staff training on conscious & liberatory leadership practices; facilitating healing conversations among your teams; and integrating these new frameworks within your organizations. I support organizations in cultivating anti-oppressive, trauma informed environments that help decrease burnout, build trust and foster collective care & reciprocity.

Speaking Engagements

I am a passionate and dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken at and led panels across the country. My style is bold and courageous while simultaneously vulnerable and compassionate. I will invite you into the journey of my own life, narrating struggles and successes as I bring you in closely to reflect on your own liberation journey, challenging you and inspiring you to go within, to ask the tough questions, to lean into your vulnerability & fears & rise beyond.

What leaders are saying:


The best “definition of success is liking myself, liking what I do and liking how I do it.”

- Dr. Maya Angelou

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The Liberatory Leadership Lab is a full body immersion into the redefinition of the Leadership space; an embodied and Audacious Leadership in which we position ourselves as the architects and creators of our own Path, integrating our own Value systems, Identities and Frameworks into the way we lead, in our careers and in our lives.


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